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Our staff consists of loving individuals who have a passion for Early Childhood Education and serving young children and families.


In an atmosphere of clam, order and joy, the Montessori Teacher is there to help and encourage the children in all their efforts, allowing them to develop self-confidence and inner discipline.  The children learn from their own discoveries.  

Montessori Teachers are the dynamic link between the children and the prepared classroom, they systematically observe the children to interpret their needs and modify the environment to meet the needs and interests of the children.  They present clear, interesting and relevant lessons, model desirable behavior and evaluate each child's individual progress.
" The child should live in an environment of beauty"  These words are the teacher's mantra every day when walking into their Montessori classroom.

Every teacher is handpicked very carefully by the Director of the school.  Our Teachers at HMS are qualified in the field of Early Childhood Education and Montessori Philosophy.  Equally important, our staff is carefully chosen not only for their experience but also for their warmth and loving personalities.  Assisting your child to learn is our privilege and we make every effort to provide an inspiring, caring and beautiful Montessori school.


We do not currently have any available positions.

However, if you think you have the special qualities we are looking for, please fill out our form.

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